Welcome joining voluntary service in children's homes.

We especially welcome foreign young friends personally apply or introduced by organizations, serve mid- to long-termed in children's homes in Taiwan during summer vacation or as long-term internship. By this service, children in children's homes that lack opportunities to travel abroad may still receive love and care from all over the world. And no doubt the foreign volunteers would leave with receiving abundant love in return from these children.

CCSA is recruiting volunteers to serve in children's homes with the following work contents:

Academic counseling
  • Accompany and assist children to mainly finish homework, improve learning that fall behind, and read books.
  • Teach and assist the learning in English, math, and science under the primary and secondary curriculum.
  • Per semester, lecture on week days, at least more than one day in a week.
Technology volunteer
  • Assist children's homes to operate computer hardware set-up, network connection.
  • Teach faculty and children in children's homes to know basic computer maintenance knowledge.
  • Assist children in children's homes to receive Information Technology evaluation, basic computer courses.
  • Assist website construction and channel NPO management system.
  • Per semester, serve more than one day each week.
  • School organizations in colleges or above, offices, and corporations are preferred.
Talent teaching
  • Responsible for teaching talent courses such as music, art, physical ed., dance, languages.
  • Able to provide musical instruments and other materials, or to contact with children's homes.
  • Per semester, lecture time will be according to the needs of children's homes.
Conduct group activities
  • Plan voluntary service team and related recreational activities, group activities leadership, group activities design and execution.
  • School organizations in colleges or above, offices, and corporations are preferred.
  • Educate accurate attitude towards genders and value as hidden curriculum.
  • Assist social workers and child-care workers in children's homes to take care of children and chores.
  • Assist administrative work of children's homes, for example, answering phones, mailings, sorting contributions.
Repair volunteer
  • Provide furniture repairing, plumbing services for children's homes.