2020 Nomura Corporate Volunteers Day 
Year 2020
The Association (CCSA) held the "2020 Nomura Cup-Cake Baking Competition" on December 12, 2020.
This is already the third year that Nomura corporate volunteers have met with students from the Keelung Beacon of Faith Home for Youth.This event has a total of 15 A Nomura volunteer and 20 students participated.
Before the cake baking contest, everyone went to the YIN-YIH restaurant to have a meal. Everyone got together to eat lunch and drink, and share their daily lives.
2020 Nomura Cup-Cake Baking Competition
1. 2.5 hours to make the cake by yourself, divide into 18 groups, discuss the theme and start making, one group makes 1 cake
2. Sharing of cake design concepts of each group
3. Groups share today’s experience
4. Awards & Group Photos
Although only accompany the day, but allow enterprises to volunteer and children cultivate a great light of sincere emotion, and thanks to the volunteers participating companies Nomura International (Hong Kong), try to understand these children's life stories and accompany long-term plan.
Cooperative Projects with Nomura International (Hong Kong)-CCSA Annual Activity Report, Nomura Partnership Extension and Founder’s Sharing Activities
Year 2020-2021
At the beginning of the activities...... 
1. The President, Head of Investment Banking Taiwan of Nomura International (Hong Kong) Limited, Taipei Branch
Bernice H.Y. Liu opening speech and announced that Y2020 and CCSA will extend the partnership for one year.
2. CCSA annual activity report and the activities planned for the new year (Nomura Partnership Extension Proposal).
3. The Secretary General of Chinese Childrenhome & Shelter Association (CCSA)
Jin-Fang Hung shared-the hard journey of founding the CCSA association and the feedback received along the way.
4. CCSA presented a Certificate of Appreciation to Nomura.
CCSA ask NOMURA INTL. H.K LTD, TAIPEI BRANCH to join our effort to provide financial resources and emotional support, which are both crucial to improving outcomes for children in care.Let us all assist children’s journey of turning adversity into opportunity.
By providing emotional education through workshops, we hope to improve children’s interpersonal skills and to enhance their ability to succeed in school and community, to achieve career success and to thrive.
Cooperative Projects with Nomura International (Hong Kong)
Year 2018-2020
A. Financial Aid For Secondary & Academic Education.
B. To Recruit And Implement Qualified Counseling Psychiatrists In For The Teenage Inmates To Enhance Their Emotional Health.
C. Volunteer Activities On Random Occasions At 大光 Mainly To Provide With Companionship For Its Inmates.
Cooperative Projects with Family Mart
Year 2006

"Love in Family‧Together to School" Fundraise for 43 children's homes nation wide

Year 2007

"Your Little Love‧My Great Future" Fundraise for supporting children without parental care to independently enter schools and workforce

Cooperative Projects with UBS Swiss bank
Year 2005

Support and provide 14 children's homes to establish websites

Year 2006

Support and provide 20 children's homes to establish E-management system

Year 2006

Sponsor "Love 365—Recruiting fosters of heart-wounded children without parental care" project, assisting the provision of counseling service

Year 2007

Sponsor "Heart Catcher" project, assisting the provision of counseling service for children without parental care

Cooperative Project with Chinatrust Charity Foundation
Year 2007

Sponsor schooling for pre-schooling: senior grade in Kindergarten

Cooperative Projects with Yonglin Foundation
Year 2006

Sponsor children of children's homes in 9th grade and high-school for schooling

Year 2007

Sponsor children of children's homes attending from middle school to higher education

Cooperative Projects with Ronald McDonald House Charities
Year 2006

Sponsor "Baby Malt" Project for pre-schooling: senior grade in Kindergarten

Year 2007
Sponsor "Baby Malt" Project for pre-schooling: senior grade in Kindergarten