Service Programs for Children in Children's Homes
  • Tuition fees subsidy for preschoolers、high school and college students.
  • Tuition fees subsidy for preschoolers、high school and college students.
  • Cram school tuition fees subsidy for high school students.
  • Professional individual and group counseling services.
  • Youth saving account project for care-leavers-to-be.
  • Educational projects including life and moral/ethic education.
Programs for Care Leavers
  • Financial Assistance: tuition subsidy, living expenses allowance, house rent fees /deposits and health insurance.
  • Youth Saving Account Project.
  • Case Management: social workers to make individual plans based on professional evaluation.
Residential Care Workers Training Courses
  • Regularly hold training and conferences for managers, social workers, counselor, and child care givers working in children's homes.
  • Promote leadership, counseling skill, and child care skills through educational programs and support groups to advance quality of service in children's homes.
Fundraising & Social Resource Mobilization
  • Funds from our fund-raising events and other donations go into children's home placements subsidy and children's tuition subsidy, as well as into costs paid for in counseling personnel, e-learning facilities, and safety facilities.
  • Other funds and social resource are referred to establishing websites and e-management system in children's homes in order to strengthen the overall quality of management system.
Volunteer Mobilization Centre
  • Recruit corporate and individual volunteers for tutoring, IT, and helping with group/recreational activities in the children's homes.
  • Provide volunteer trainings and build up service model and volunteer service referral etc., in order to reduce children homes' human resource loading, and to promote the social participation in public welfares.
International & Regional Network and Research & Policy Advocacy
  • Launch the international volunteer service.
  • Arrange international/regional agency visiting in order to build up cooperation at international level.
  • Conduct multi-level research projects regarding out of home placement service.
  • Partner with other NGOs concerning children and young people's rights to advocate related policies and acts and to open up promising future on out of home placement issues.