In October of 2002, the Chinese Childrenhome & Shelter Association was created by Ms. Alice Jin-Fang Hung, now serving as the secretary general, to address concerns about children's rights and to oversee the development of children's homes nationwide.

Children homes can be traced back to Taiwan's early orphanages. They now serve not only the poor and orphaned, but also children from struggling single-parent families, children who have suffered from sexual or other forms of abuse, and children who are under judicatory surveillance. Because of the vast differences among children's backgrounds and the erratic emotional and behavioral tendencies resulting from their painful pasts, children's homes face many unique challenges which can often lead to instability among the staff.

This situation is exacerbated by unequal distributions of resources that are most evident between institutions in the urban areas and those in the rural areas. All of these factors make a huge impact not only on the care children would receive but also on their lifelong development. This is something that should be rectified.